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C-Mail provides command line access to SMTP email. Without C-Mail, sending email from automated
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12 October 2005

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IPCMail is application software for sending emails periodically. IPCMail with its powerful schedule can store the alarms and notifications for important dates for sending emails and remind you on set time. You just need to set your IPCMail with the required files and it will notify you as well as send the required file to its destination automatically. All the details related to mail like the subject, body of message, list of attachment, list of recipients, date o sending etc are added in IPCMail scheduler just for once and then, it will automatically send the files in pre-set date and time. It also allows you to destine your STMP server as per your requirement. IPCMail gives its command to both DOS interface and INI batch interface. This makes the processing and sending of batch style files and generated log files faster and accurately. You can attach any type of file for emailing to IPCMail.

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Do you find yourself constantly sending monthly minders or emails notifying users of network status? Log files for large jobs need to be sent out after being generated? C-Mail is here.
With C-Mail, email functionality can be written into job scripts or set up with schedulers. Just add C-Mail to the end of a backup script to email a log file to you, set it up as the notification executable in your network monitoring package, or define it with your system scheduler to send out email at predefined intervals. No longer do you have to open your email client, write repetitive mails, attach files, address and send...C-Mail does it for you.
C-Mail provides the ability for command line access to the SMTP email protocol. Without C-Mail, sending email from automated process and batch routines may prove difficult or impossible . With C-Mail, notifications of batch style jobs and even generated logs and files may be sent in an automated fashion.
C-Mail exposes a command line (DOS-Prompt) interface as well as a configurable INI batch interface for the processing and sending of SMTP email.
Version 3.1.1
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